An unexpected encounter!

My discovery that care giving our parents is a path leading to our guiding wisdom came out of an unexpected encounter. Standing alone one morning out on the great plains of sagebrush and stone ledges I became aware of some great presence. I experienced this presence as ‘awe’ sweeping over me as I gazed up at the stars and the vast expanse of space. In this darkness and silence I became very still. Alone and vulnerable in this pre-dawn landscape I felt small yet embraced in this grand scene. Carrying a backpack of difficult emotions around mom’s latest accident, I suddenly experienced an atmosphere of compassion slowly coming over me: I sensed that the prairie and starry sky were actually caring about me. My grief, worry, and loneliness receded to a distant place within as I slipped into this expansive consciousness. I could sense that everything was connected, alive and sacred. I realized I was being shown a new way to walk beside Mom on her journey to meet death. I understood that a higher consciousness was available to me that could soothe my anguish. This intrigued me and inspired me to find ways to achieve this special consciousness. More to come!

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