Caregivers’ Corner


I’m very excited to share this Caregiver’s Corner. It is a place for anyone who is involved with eldercare to get comfort, wisdom and relief. Here you’ll find guided imagery recordings, stories, and more.

As you come into this place take a deep breath, slow down and look around. There are various meditations you can listen to and stories from other caregivers. You can also write about your experience and share it here as an offering to others. We learn so much from personal stories and when we take the time to write about our own experience there is always some new insight that will appear.

Audio Meditations

  1. Audio meditation for relief from stress:
  2. Audio: “Focus Meditation”:

Stories from caregivers

  • September Weekend” – In this story, Enid Ikeda powerfully describes her experience of confronting her mother with the need to go into assisted living.
  • Help” – Sometimes the caregiver tries to do everything possible to make facing dependency easier, but is met with hostility.
  • Yesterday’s Road” – Waking up to the dependency and the tremendous responsibility of a mentally ill elder can force you to make a choice as to whose life you are going to save.