Connetquot Public Library – 1/17/2017

Liza Johnson will present Wisdom of Dreams Program.

  • January 17th 7-8:30pm
  • Connetquot Public Library
    760 Ocean Avenue
    Bohemia, New York 11716

Throughout the ages and in many cultures dreams have been revered as a source of guiding wisdom. Because dreams provide different perspectives that bring deeper meaning to life’s challenges, learning the language of dreams is a useful skill. Every night your dreaming self wakes up and creates a story just for you with actors and actresses, most of whom you’ve never met! You, however, are often the protagonist. What is the purpose of these scenarios?  Find out in this class.  We will look at the structure of dreams, hints to recall dreams, common dream themes, reoccurring dreams and much more.  You will have an opportunity to share a dream as well as learn from others.

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