From the Inside Out – Workshop Offerings begins


Saturday March 18th, 10 am- 1pm, in Huntington, NY


Discover the Path to Your Guiding Wisdom – March 18th

This workshop brings to light the nature of your deeper wisdom and how it operates. To awaken to this knowledge is exciting and empowering and this is where the journey begins. Experiential exercises, group work and guided meditations will facilitate your learning.

Dream Work – Deeper into Inner Guidance – April 29th

This workshop brings greater understanding to the innate motivating force of dreams and the significance of dreams that get our attention. Getting connected to your dreams is an opportunity to meet your ‘inner intelligence.”

Successful Relationships – May 20th

The desire to be interested in one’s personal growth is the foundation of successful relationships. All relationships flow from the beliefs we have about ourselves and the people in our lives. Ultimately relationships define our life. Healing broken or unresolved relationships allows us to live life fully.


Workshop Leader Liza Johnson.

Liza is a certified Gestalt therapist & Marriage Family therapist practicing in Huntington for over 25 years. She is a graduate of the International Institute for the study of Dreams and Imagery and is a published author. She has led numerous workshops on personal growth, spirituality and mythology and has studied Jungian dream work, Alchemy, and Shamanism.


Assisting is Rev. Karyn O’Beirne, an ordained Inter-spiritual minister from One Spirit Interfaith seminary with 16 years’ experience & is a published author.

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