The Great Act of Turning Inward

Meditation is a practice that leads to clarity of mind, knowledge of self and spiritual development. Spiritual meaning a way of being in the world that creates a sense of well-being and appreciation of self and others, including the plant, animal and earth realms. Knowing how to come into spiritual consciousness is a blessed gift because it provides a way out of the turbulence of the thinking mind and into the arms of a spacious, benevolent energy field.

So let’s begin with the most simple practice possible… as though you were just starting to work out physically (you might start with a walk around the block and then build on that). So let’s start meditation practice by bring your attention to your breathing. For 5 minutes notice everything you possibly can about your breathing. How your body moves, what thoughts go through your head, what feelings arise etc. You are now a student to your breathing for 5 minutes. That’s it! Practice this every day for one week. Talk to you next week!

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